Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Baby-宝贝 (3512)
Age 年龄: 26 Years Old
Height 身高: 166cm
Boobs 胸围: 34C
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Central Apartment 中部公寓
Damage 价格: $120/60mins/Body Massage/HJ
Mobile 联络号码: 91350530


  • Authentic Massage/正规按摩
  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Upper Roaming/触摸上半身
  • Temptation Massage/诱惑按摩
  • Head, Neck & shoulder Massage/头,颈和肩部按摩
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Breast Massage/胸推
  • Kneeling Massage/跪背
  • Prostate Care/前列腺保养
  • Juagen/抓根
  • HDLY/海底捞月
  • Hand job/打飞机

More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • Seth says:

    Looks: 9/10. Hot babe and her figure is actually super good. Body is slim, tight bum, good size boobs and no visible tummy fat.

    Sensual: 9/10. Very sensual experience. I am the type who get excited service by a pretty face and super figure so the whole sesssion really help to bring up a notch. Totally surrender my load with her seductive moans and fondling her twin peaks.

    Location 10/10: Condo environment, walking distance for foot warriors and parking nearby for drivers. Room is clean, spacious and comfortable.

    RTM: Yes, went several times already.

  • oreo says:

    Looks: Definitely a looker, rare one that is photo accurate, gorgeous curvy figure with nicely shape natural C boobs.

    Massage: Good effort with good presses along back area considering my plus size.

    Sensual: Haven’t been so aroused for a while, gentle fingers combined with soft moans and a pretty face looking at you, all add up to the arousing process.

    Location is pretty convenient. Quite a nice condo.

    RTM: Yes, beautiful lady with good attitude to please. A gem to keep.

  • real says:

    My third visit for this beautiful lady. She is definitely prettier than the photos here as per other bros comments.

    Slim and tall figure with pretty face. Think she gotten even more slimmer recently, looking more delicious. Nowadays hard to get this type of quality already. Moreover she resemble like an actress I fancy.

    Super friendly and you will have a happy conversation and leave as as happy man after the session. Convenient location with cover walkway. Strongly recommend bros to try out.

  • Galvin says:

    Looks: 9/10 Pretty, same as picture.
    Body: Smooth complexion and skinny.
    Boobs: Natural and very nice in shape.
    Massage: Good effort shown. Able to release tension.
    Sensual: Very nice. Good techniques.
    GF feel: Very high, chatty and polite.
    RTM: Yes

  • Andy says:

    Visited this beautiful superb figure lady and the photos are indeed actual person. Friendly lady and chatty once break ice. Can provide quite a relaxing massage. Very well developed and beautiful pair of tits. Sensual service is great and willing to accommodate reasonable request. Apartment is also spacious, neat and tidy. Will definitely return for more.

  • yilan says:


  • Ray says:

    Rarely see ML with such godly figure. A complete package with good height, tight figure, natural full C cup with eraser nips, complement by her good looks. Worth a visit even for her looks and figure alone. Good character type so always a safe bet for release. In fact typing this FR gave me a hard on again!

  • momo says:


  • Mark says:

    No reply after several SMS.. so hard to date her

  • desmond says:

    IMO actual person looks even better than the photos. Her smile is very charming and also friendly characteristics. She is good at teasing shiok me to heaven. Totally my cup of tea, looks like my previous girlfriend. Regretted not having a 2 hour session with her.

  • 马拉松 says:


  • mrt says:

    Visited this gem today.
    Good height and nice figure without tummy fats.
    Location in a condo convenient for drivers and public transport.
    Service was good and not rush.
    Good attitude and hardworking.
    Overall a good experience defintely worth a try.

  • thomas says:

    Was greeted with a very welcoming smile. Good looking lady with well maintained figure that will have a second look type. Natural soft C cup, perky and perfectly shaped. Apartment is also good, clean and spacious. Enjoy her teasing to build up the tension follow by sensual HJ and left as a happy man.

  • Sam says:

    Looks: Look pretty even without much make up, definitely more pretty if she put on make up.
    Body: Quite tall and slim with natural C cup boobs.
    Massage: Pretty decent, strength was good.
    Sensual: Patience and accommodating. Know what she is doing.
    Room: Clean and spacious with attach bathroom.
    Location: Convenient and stay alone.

  • peace says:

    Chio model type looks with slim figure. Her sexy body proportion and perky boobs is the real deal. She will lie beside you and slowly stroke your balls and manhood. Character wise very warm and friendly. Highly recommended.

  • lonely says:

    Gorgeous girl and comparable to the pictures posted. Humble and down to earth character. The HJ was like given by a girlfriend, lying beside you slowly licking your nipples, no commercial feel. Also enjoy chatting with her. Hope she is my Girlfriend!

  • beautiful says:

    Beautiful gentle lady with a soft spoken nature and sweet voice. A real hidden gem for me, my dream type of GF for a sexy session. Value for money, top notch GFE.

  • Venus says:

    Confirm mid 20s at most, very pretty, thin thin make-up, and super hot figure. 90% close to photo, really hard to find in this market. Her boobs are to die for. Natural soft C cup, perky and perfectly shaped with protruding nipples.

  • kenny says:

    Greeted by a stunner totally my type. Started with relaxing massage and when she removed her top to reveal her beautiful pair of boobs, I got instantly hard on. Really killer combo of hour glass figure with shapely perky boobs and smooth skin.

  • Boy says:

    Seldom write FR. Nice lady pls respect her and you will be rewarded.

    Looks: 9/10 my liking chio type
    Body: 9/10 good body proportion with smooth skin
    GFE: 9/10 easy going and comfortable
    HJ: 9/10 slow sensual with moans to finish you
    Place: 9/10 convenient and safe
    RTM: of course

  • King says:

    Top notch service. Sensual is really fantastic, you can tell her to take it slow and she will patiencely release you. Body is a solid 10/10 with nice boobs to fondle. Worth the money and will return soon.

  • happy says:

    即使不化妆也很漂亮,S形身材和自然丰满的胸部,一定能让你释放。非常想念她,并且已经 行了另一次预订。