Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: Cherry (3343)
Age 年龄: 21 Years Old
Height 身高: 165cm
Boobs 胸围: 36B
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room 包房
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Geylang 芽笼
Damage 价格: $100/60mins/1 Shot FJ
Mobile 联络号码: 83816768


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Simple Massage/简单按摩
  • Kiss/轻吻
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Breast Massage/胸推
  • Nipples & Balls Sucking/舔乳头和蛋蛋
  • Painting/舔鲍鱼
  • 69
  • COB/射身
  • BJ in shower/浴中萧
  • BBBJ/无套口交
  • CIM/口爆
  • FJ With Cap/带套做爱


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Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • 顺风 says:


  • 黄一鸣 says:

    兄弟们, 这美女有修过或剃了她私密周围的毛发吗?. 当你舔或摸她的乳环与奶头时, 会否觉得敏感呢?. 她的双峰是粉菊色吗?. 她爱爱时, 会湿喷吗?.

  • Andy lau says:

    服务到位 ,很有耐心体贴.热情搞到我也不好意思.慢慢来不赶时间.会回头。

  • Mingting says:


  • Dhhe says:

    小姊姊技術槓槓的,好聊天 ,值得回頭 ,真人長得比照片好看,白白嫩嫩,奶大夠軟,好抓 口交技術讓你上天的感覺,完事後按摩很到位

  • zae says:


  • Alucard says:

    Came to try her out today. She is very young for an old man like me. Haha but serve me real good uh, catbath me and suck my little brother like a champ. Loads of praises.

  • Real says:

    刚刚约完 很舒服 很好操 操起来特别的爽 皮肤白白的 又滑又好摸 屁股也大大的 波波也大 我的手抓不完 很好的一次亨受 干到她叫的大大声 不停的说 受不了 老公 受不了 换了几个姿势 最后一个没忍住 射到她脸上去了

  • alex says:


  • Derrick says:

    Look: 10/10
    Boobs: 10/10
    Service: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10
    This is my first time give fr in this website, she really amaze me by her great service and pretty looks, definitely a gem, guys pls take care of her

  • Jason says:

    Looks: 6/10 (innocent and cute and nice lay)
    Boobs: 8/10 (Soft natural boobs, and nice, not sure about size)
    BBBJ: 9/10(Fast and furious, nice and deepthroat)
    FJ: Very proactive here. Rode me furiously in cowgirl position and very wild throughout
    GFE: 10/10. Excellent GFE. patient and accommodating

    Please take good care of this gem. This is a gem not to be missed.

  • Karik says:

    Massage wise she will do her best. as requested different people different expectation.

    overall I give a 9 point.

    I would like to give 10. but u wont believe. my type.
    just try out yourself.

    which is far far better those on the ground. is a true gem. treat her well with respect and manner.

    wont regret

  • Jeff says:

    Frankly speaking, shes very chio
    Ultra love her bbbj
    Going to find her again
    Love and miss her
    You are the best

  • you says:

    Pretty girl. Good service. Good attitude. Will come back again and again for this girl.

  • Consistency says:

    Excellent service doesn’t rush see the time Will come back again

  • 我很大 says:


  • Bigboy says:

    Service was awesome. French kiss all the way. BJ and 69 was so good. GFE feel 100%. Will definitely RTF. No fake so real.

  • happy says:

    This girl…sheesh! She was doing most of the work! Turned me on so much! Super experience and know what shes doing. Love it

  • jj says:

    原先没想过约她 约的人在忙 我又需要
    看着还挺友善温柔 想着好吧就她了


    勾人诱惑的声音 堪比九霄云外的享受 一次又一次的销魂般近而远的夺命体验!

    给9.5完全不虚 又发现了个值得回头的!

  • Kui says:

    Fantastic massage.
    Nice and smoothie skin.
    Environmental is clean.
    Soft tone speaking and Service you like a Excellency.
    Serve to with her best appreciation.

  • 李克 says:


  • 马克 says: