Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: YanZi-小燕子 (5234)
Age 年龄: 25 Years Old
Height 身高: 162cm
Boobs 胸围: 36C
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room & Condom 包房包套
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Central Area 中部地区
Damage 价格: $150/60mins/1 Shot FJ
Mobile 联络号码: 85911506


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Kiss/轻吻
  • Simple Massage/简单按摩
  • Body Oil Massage/油推
  • Authentic Acupressure Massage/指压按摩
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Breast Massage/胸推
  • Nipples & Balls Sucking/舔乳头和蛋蛋
  • Painting/舔鲍鱼
  • 69
  • COB/射身
  • BJ in shower/浴中萧
  • BBBJ/无套口交
  • CIM With Cap/带套口爆
  • FJ With Cap/ 带套做爱

More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • Clean says:

    ooks 样貌/颜值 : 9/10 Body 身材 : 10/10 Boobs 胸部 : D(boobs are perfect) Kissing 接吻 : 10/10 Simple French Catbath 全身漫游 : 10/ 10 BBBJ 无套口交 : 10/10(great) Painting 舔鲍鱼 : 9/10 FJ 爱爱 : 9/10 GFE 女朋友感 : 10/ 10 Massage 按摩 : 9/ 10 Experience 整体 : 10 / 10 RTF/RTM 回头率 : yes yes yes very good Remarks (if any) 评语 : 态度非常好 女朋友感觉 很多水 淑女气质型 模特身材大长腿

  • joballer says:

    I just asked her out, she’s very talkative, the service is excellent, there’s nothing to say, and she’s in good shape 👍 Very satisfied, gave an extra tip of 50. I’ll keep looking for her when I have time

  • Desmond says:

    Beautiful girl, service can say its one of the best. Have already returned multiple times. Gotta say, she knows her stuff well. Quite chatty too! Will rtf again whenever I got the time.

  • Jimmy says:

    新来的美女,不错的女孩, 身材好, 服务棒 ,值得预约

  • Pleasure says:

    she is very friendly and chatty, hardworking and worth the money. even take the effort to massage me which is superb and her skill wont disappoint you. Once turn over, her action begins, slowly suck my nipples and go down and suck my harden dick furiously. Cannot tahan and grabbed her and pump her. Overall massage is relaxing and comfortable and her fj is also accommodating and willing to please.Will return to visit her again

  • Pleasure says:

    My second visit. She is a sweet and beautiful lady. Her massage is strong and comfortable. Easy going and fun to talk to. Not a rush job and definitely provide good and enjoyable service. Will return for more

  • Baby says:

    Thank god finding here. She is amazing! I swear i got feels coming today. I tried her today, big big boobs totally worth my time and price. Bbbj damn shiok. I will find her again for sure

  • 攀高领 says:

    哥们, 这性感美女有修过或剃了她私密周围的毛发吗?. 当你舔或摸她的乳环与奶头时, 是否觉得敏感呢?. 她的双峰是粉菊色吗?. 她啪啪时, 会湿喷吗?.

  • Good fuck says:

    非常温柔的女孩子 身体软软的 胸也很大, 很好玩,可以吸她奶头到她抓着我的头。她的吸 工很强, 到我差点喷出来。很会调情 弄的身体痒痒的 ,之后我便转她过来朝她的b. 没多久就射了 服务很劲 身体诱惑力强

  • Andy lau says:

    Photos look as same person 100 percent , she greet me with a warm smile and give me a hug before service starts ,able to accommodate any position I want to do , once after service end she will chat with me and felt that having a good chemistry together

  • GOODONE says:


  • Li says:

    Good attitude. Hard working. Tight. look more like 30plus. Rtm maybe.

  • Gabby Liew says:

    服务态度很好, 口活非常棒!鲍鱼很厉害夹!她也是一个体贴温柔的女生!

  • Mr.Bobby says:

    I have made several appointments. I am in good shape, with smooth skin, straight legs, soft body and plenty of water. The environment is clean and sanitary

  • Dhhe says:

    I just made an appointment with Miss Sister, it’s so cool to be with Haoaiai, it’s so emotional

  • Tester says:

    I’m actually quite shocked that shes damn prettyyyy. Good figure and same a real life. Boobs are big and firm too like melons. Kissable and totally my type of girl i would go for. 100% recommended!

  • Michael says:

    Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9 / 10 Body 身材 : Slim Boobs 胸部 : Natural Catbath 全身漫游 : 10 / 10 BBBJ 无套口交 : 9 / 10 FJ 爱爱 : 10 / 10 GFE 女朋友感 : 10 / 10 Overall Experience 整体 : 10 / 10 RTF/RTM 回头率 : Yes

  • Regular says:

    Hello Admin, got QR code for her WeChat? Thanks!

  • Real says:

    Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9 / 10 Age (Est) 年龄(大概) : 22 Body 身材 : Slim Type Boobs 胸部 : D Kissing 接吻 : 7 / 10 Catbath 全身漫游 : 10/ 10 BBBJ 无套口交 : 9 / 10 Painting 舔鲍鱼 : NA FJ 爱爱 : 9/ 10 GFE 女朋友感 : 8 / 10 Massage 按摩 : 9/ 10 Overall Experience 整体 : 9 / 10

  • Derrick says:

    Left this place a happy man, shes really damn pretty. Smooth skin and big boobs. When I came waiting in the room, she went on to put simple makeup to entice me. Haha! Tbh, shes already simply pretty. Her BBBJ is top notch and her boobs are big, was grabbing it while banging her, she likes it actually. Haha! Going to be her regular from here on out.

  • Boss says:

    person is true to photo, ass is very firm and nice. fellow brother go for her trust me you will not regret, her service is 9.9/10
    on top of it she give girlfriend experience not something you get now adays

  • Sam says:


  • Omicron says:

    Service super good
    Bbbj 10/10
    French like long lost lover
    GFE 10/10
    Chat like friends
    Writing this as she’s blowing me f the second time!

  • Dave says:

    Had an amazing time spend with her, she is cute and adorable to be with. I had a great time spend with her. Looking forward to it more.

  • Bernard says:

    Powerful bbbj 9/10
    Looks pretty 8.5/10
    Good attitude 9/10
    Non rushing services 10/10

  • Derrick says:

    This girl is the best I have ever had. Treat her well and she will return the favour. I absolutely love her! wth having!

  • Bae says:

    小姐姐和照片一样,身材也好,为人亲切,让人很舒服 , 不赶时间, , 值得预约.

  • Lee says:

    Shes beautiful, service tiptop, love doggy, she bath and blow you inside the bathroom and slide her butt on you. Loves frenching, no rushing, top service, petite and tight pussi.


  • Caleb says:

    人真的不错,漂亮身材好好,服务又好。总结9/10还有其他的看各人感觉。 Real person very beautiful, good figure and service up to standard. Overall 9/10, the remaining up to individual feeling

  • Pleasure says:

    Beautiful, great personality, willing to please and sexy. Place is clean and great. Always go see her if i am in the area. She’s tight and wet. She will chat with you and offer water after deed.